Who we are


Services & Testing Laboratories (hereafter STL) Srl was born in 2013 with the aim of supplying specialist supporting services  on a wide range of industrial activities, regarding issues of the life cycle of materials, from the design and construcion phase to the managment of plants and components.


This kind of activity needs an inter-disciplinar approach, where the testing and laboratory analysis expertise, the diagnostic skills and the ability in the evaluation of the structural stability and long-time reliability of the industrial plants must be integrated into a single operational structure in the service of the Customer.


For this reason STL uses several specialists, used to work in team and with a pluriannual experience in all the involved scientific and technical disciplines.


Carlo Fossati

Pluriannual experience in the field of mechanical testing and structural analysis, developed working for some of the most important oil-and-gas and electricity production companies.

He also cooperates in technical work-groups and in Standards editing.

Professor in updating and training courses.

Giovanni Stella

Pluriannual experience in the field of chemical analysis and corrosion testing, acquired working for one of the main italian Research & Services Institute.

Member of Techincal Commitees of the Italian Metallurgy Association.

Professor in updating and training courses.

Valentina Ferrari

20-years experience in the field of materials characterization and mechanical testing, acquired working for the Universities of Milano and Brescia.

Professor in updating and training courses.

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